Docenten extra muros
Mieke Lamiroy (BE), 2021 Artwork specially created for this exhibition Magritte meets Broodthaers: equal doses of surrealism and poetry, mixed with a shot of dada. Surrealism is never far away in my work, which draws from sources like vintage b&w magazines and old maps. In this work, a strong Brussels symbol is the ‘heart-shaped’ city centre, reduced to an almost abstract shape. My work consists of analogue collages, sometimes combined with printing techniques or acrylic paint. I like to play with geometry, colours, associations and unexpected angles. For Museum Dr. Guislain I recently participated in ‘Kunst in Afzondering’ and ‘Generaties Lijmen’. Furthermore, I work as a passionate guide for Artforum, Museum M and Fomu, and as an art teacher at Slac, the Leuven Academy. Get in touch: Check out my work: